The great events of Puma

Published: 08th June 2011
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PUMA is not a business that manufactures and sells soap powder or ballpoint pens or instant coffee. It is a business rooted in the passionate world of sporting endeavour. The history of the brand resonates with the echoes of great athletes and legendary performances, celebrated in stadiums across the globe. PUMA makes products designed to facilitate the individual achievements that evoke the most passionate responses.

From taking shape to be one of the largest sportswear brands, Puma has walked a long way. It is nearly eighty years old. Every step for the development of Puma is connected with the glory of individual achievement. Then let's look at the great events list of PUMA.

In 1922, the Dasslers brothers, old brother was called Rudolf Dassler(1898-1974) and the young brother was Adolf Dasslers(1900-1978), built "Dassler brothers' shoe factory ". The first pair of soccer shoes were designed from their home's toilet. It is said that their inspiration came from a wood small nail. The shoes made from of wood small nails got a patent at last. By 1935, the shoe factory started to make the shoes in batch production. But at the same time, the conflicts between the brothers have turned up. One year later, the Dassler shoes had the most wonderful appearance in Berlin Olympic Games, when Jesse owens, the American man track and field athlete, in a pair of Dassler shoes running on the runway. The hero won seven gold medals and 5 bronze medals. Those achievements including the broken two world records and three Olympic records.

In 1948, the brothers sharpened their conflicts when the factory has expanded largely. The result is that they broken up the factory. The old brother Rudolf Dassler established PUMA brand, and his younger brother built ADIDAS. In that year, the first pair of PUMA football shoes were born. After four years of development, to 1952, PUMA gained a remarkable reputation all around the world.

In the 1958 World Cup in Swenden, the Brazilian football team and the Swedish football team fight for the champion wearing PUMA football boots. The design of ‘runway' on vamp came up. In 1962, the Brazilian team won the World Cup once again. In addition, Pele turned to be the best player in the tournament. Pele and the other players of Brazilian team worn PUMA football shoes.

In 1967, the NO.1 tradmark came into the world. It was the famous puma logo that designed by the German famous cartoon painter Lutz Backs. The Puma Logo is still used today with little modifications. It is a combination of a symbolic icon and bold typeface. The Puma Logo has an image of a leaping Puma, an animal also called a cougar, a panther or a mountain lion. One year later, PUMA sponsorshiped Italian football team in Rome European Cup and the team won the champion at last. However, at the same time, the brotherhood broke up completely. Even the two crowds that wearing PUMA and ADIDAS brand clothes turn to estranged.

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